Month and More Rentals

Month and more car rentals are excellent option for those in need of a vehicle for an extended period of time, typically 30 days or more. It allows you to have access to a reliable vehicle without the commitment of a long-term lease or the expense of purchasing a car.

Month and more rental provides a convenient transportation solution for those who are in Armenia on temporarily basis or while their car is being fixed at the body shop.


Another big advantage is that when renting a car for month and more you can always have a personal discussion with us giving us as much information as possible on your needs and our specialists will design a special offer suitable to your requirements.



Cost Saving

Easy Budgeting

Monthly Easy Invoicing

This type of rental offers number of benefits over traditional short-term rentals.

  • Cost Saving: One of the main advantages of month and more or long-term car rental is cost savings. Enterprise Rent-A-Car offers discounted rates for longer rental periods, making it a more cost-effective option for those who need a car for an extended stay. The longer you rent, the more you save.

  • Flexibility: With month and more rental package, you have the freedom to keep the car for as long as you need it without the hassle of constantly renewing your rental agreement. You can also change your vehicle class during your rental. For example, you can choose to keep an SUV during the winter months for extra safety on the roads and switch to a compact sedan during the summer for cost saving

  • No commitment and early cancelation fees: Month and more rentals are available for a minimum of 30 days’ rentals. However, if you rent for longer period, you have no commitment or early cancelation fee in the contract. Should your plans change, you can return the car earlier and simply pay the rate for the period you have used without any penalties or cancelation fees. 

FAQ Section

Here are some popular questions and their answers

No, there is no early termination fee as long as you rent for a minimum of 1 month. However, if you want to return your car earlier than a month, daily rates will apply according to the prices available at that period. 

Month and more rental package includes Insurance coverage with excess amount, unlimited mileage, 1 additional driver, roadside assistance and technical maintenance of the car. You are welcome to add any extra services on top of your rental.

Yes, you can always extend your rental package, however please note that the month and more rental package rates are different from season to season and rates are subject to change. It depends on the seasonality and duration of your rental.

In contrast of long term rental or car lease service, you have more flexibility in changing the car class during the contracted period. However, monthly rates may change depending on the car class you prefer to rent.